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Summer Camp Builds Friendships and Inspires Students

Summer Camp Builds Friendships and Inspires Students

Posted by Rachel Foy on July 06, 2023 in General News

Summer is a time for fun, and here at Scholarship Prep building friendships while inspiring learning! Students enjoyed free, four-week summer camp programming jam-packed with exciting activities, enriching experiences, field trips, and a supportive environment.

From mid-June to July, our students participated in a variety of activities and off-campus adventures. Whether visiting Medieval Times or Knott’s Berry Farm, Scholars were able to expand their horizons and have fun while doing it.

In all, close to 180 students, both from our Grand and 17th campuses, attended the four-week program. Besides the field trips, students had a blast during "Water Day," a week of flag football camp, and closed the program with a BBQ.

But it wasn't just about fun and games. Our Summer Intersession also aimed to Create Community change by providing learning enrichment, support, and nutritious meals and snacks to help fuel healthy bodies and minds. In all, we cultivated a safe, supportive, and engaging environment for our students to learn and grow!