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Please search for a Scholarship Prep staff member or select from the list below. If you are unable to find the person you wish to contact, please contact us.

  First Name Last Name Title Department E-mail Phone Ext
image Ana Aguilar Teacher Teachers [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Dennise Allotey Teacher Teachers [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Ali Baruch Teacher Teachers [email protected]
image Gilanie Bayoneta Teacher Teachers [email protected]
image Angela Camola Teacher Teachers [email protected]
image Katie Chavez Teacher Teachers [email protected]
image Dori Dewberry Studio Art Instructor Arts [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Sara Everett Teacher Teachers [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Janelle Guzman Teacher Teachers [email protected]
image Olimpas Hernadez Teacher Special Education [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Kenia Hernando Noon Supervisor Supervision [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Denise Hobbensiefken Executive Assistant Front Office [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Allie Masse Office Manager Front Office [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Fabian Medina Attendance Clerk Front Office [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Evelyn Middlebrooke Teacher Teachers [email protected] 7147953498
image Michelle Moyher Teacher Teachers [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Tony Perez Lead Custodian Custodial [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Amanda Presutto Teacher Teachers [email protected] 714-795-3498
  Marisa Rambaran Choir/Music Instructor Arts [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Tyson Rath Teacher Teachers [email protected]
image Gabriela Roca Teacher Teachers [email protected] 7147953498
image Gloria Romero Co-Founder, Executive Director Administration [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Jennifer Siegal Teacher Teachers [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Claire Souza Teacher Teachers [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Bernadette Valdivia Teacher Teachers [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Jason Watts Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer Administration [email protected] 714-795-3498
image Aly Yeh Teacher Teachers [email protected] 7147953498