Foster & Homeless Youth Services

Foster & Homeless Youth Services
An integral part of the Scholarship Prep Foster/Homeless Youth Services Program is to provide comprehensive, wraparound services to support our diverse foster/homeless youth population in achieving their unlimited potential. Foster/Homeless Youth and their families will receive additional guidance and support.

  • Foster Youth - Who is eligible for services?

    Any child who is the subject of a juvenile dependency court petition, whether or not the child has been removed from his or her home. Any child who is the subject of a juvenile delinquency court petition and who has been removed from his or her home by the court under a “suitable placement” order.

    McKinney-Vento Definition of Homeless *42 U.S.C § 11434a(2)

    Foster Youth Rights

    AB 490: Ensuring Educational Rights and Stability for Foster Youth

    May attend their school of origin through the end of the academic school year.
    Have the right to attend their local public school regardless of time of enrollment or credit deficiency.
    May not be denied access to their local public school on the basis that he/she has had contact with the juvenile justice system.
    School placement decisions must be made in the student’s best interest.
    Have the right to be enrolled immediately regardless of fees, clothing, or records normally required for enrollment.
    Records must be transferred by sending school or requested by receiving school within two business days.
    A student’s grades may not be lowered due to absences caused by a change in placement, a court appearance, or a court-ordered activity.
    Students must have access to sports and extracurricular activities available to all students.

    McKinney-Vento Rights

    Homeless youth can enroll in school even if they have uncertain housing, a temporary address or no permanent physical address. They are guaranteed enrollment in school by the federal McKinney-Vento Act and California state law if they live:

    In a shelter (family, domestic violence or youth shelter) or a transitional living program
    In a motel, hotel or weekly rate housing
    In a house or apartment with more than one family because of economic hardship or loss
    In temporary foster care or with an adult who is not a parent or guardian
    In substandard housing without electricity, water or heat
    With friends or family because they are a runaway or unaccompanied youth

    To enroll or attend school, if you live under any of these conditions, you do not need to provide:

    Proof of residency
    Immunization records or TB skin test results
    School records

    Legal guardianship papers

    For questions or support, contact:

    Victor Carcamo, Coordinator of Student Services
    657-267-7582 or [email protected] or

    Kristen Crowe, Director of Student Services,
    760-898-2715 or [email protected].

    Food Resources

    Farmers Market

    In partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank in Santa Ana and Newsong Church, we offer a variety of fresh produce and other groceries completely free to families and our community-at-large. Each distribution we hand out 7,000 - 14,000 lbs of food. 

    The market is held the second and fourth Friday of the month unless noted otherwise.

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