Santa Ana Front Office

allie masse

Allie Masse

Office Manager

Ms. Allie Masse is Scholarship Prep's Office Manager. Ms. Masse received her Bachelors degree in English from San Francisco State University. Her experience includes working at Fullerton College and San Francisco State University as an Admissions and Records Assistant and Human Resources Assistant, respectively. Prior to joining Scholarship Prep Charter School, she was employed by Santa Ana Unified School District for five years as a Site Clerk and Registrar.

arlene contreras

Arlene Contreras

Student Outreach Coordinator

Mrs. Arlene Contreras will be the Student Outreach Coordinator for Scholarship Prep. Mrs. Contreras worked with Senator Gloria Romero (Ret.) for the California Center for Parent Empowerment where she had the role of Parent Organizer assisting parents in using the Open Enrollment Act. Most recently she worked for Downey School District where she was the after school program coordinator and instructor. She attended California State University, Los Angeles, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology while working as a tutor for grades K-12.

fabian medina

Fabian Medina

Attendance Clerk