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University of Southern California
Spirit Week
Posted on April 12, 2020
Welcome Back Scholars!
Posted on April 12, 2020
Welcome come back Scholars! Hope you enjoyed your Spring Break. Let's get back to work! Remember keep checking Google Classroom everyday to keep up with the posted class work. See you at our next meeting.

We Miss You Stingrays
Posted on April 2, 2020
Hello Scholars! We at Scholarship Prep wanted to tell you just how much we miss you. Thank you for all your hard work. We will see each other soon.
Distance Learning
Posted on March 17, 2020
Please continue to check your email and our school website for updates on the Distance Learning. Please also keep in touch with the Class Tag app. Here's a link to the calendar and letter that will be sent home to all the families in 2nd grade. Please reach out to us if you have any questions. Thank you!

Read Across America
Posted on March 7, 2020
This week was Read Across America. This is a special week in honor of the creative author, Dr. Seuss. On Friday, we  went outside to read and enjoy the beautiful weather. Scholars enjoyed reading different books with each other. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Thank you for all your wonderful books.
Posted on March 1, 2020
What has big red eyes and lives in the rainforest? A Red-eyed Tree Frog! Scholars are working together to find facts about this amazing frog.

Posted on February 9, 2020
USC has been working hard in their research project on the rainforest. They have been learning about different animals that live there and the importance of protecting it. They are creating a class book. They are very excited to see the end result. We will showcase the book on Open House, so don't miss out!

Phonics Fun
Posted on January 21, 2020
Students having fun working on phonics together. Phonics is a way of teaching reading that stresses the acquisition of letter-sound correspondences and their use in reading and spelling.
Welcome Back Scholars!
Posted on January 5, 2020
Welcome back Scholars! Happy New Year. I hope you all enjoyed your winter break. I'm excited to see all of you on Monday. Let's get ready to meet our goals for the new year. 
Posted on December 2, 2019
Welcome back USC, Trojans! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Break. This month we will be working on being kind to one another. We will be learning how to spread kindness around Scholarship Prep. Have a conversation with your Scholars on how as a family you can spend kindness with each other. Parents, stay tuned on opportunities to volunteer your time in 2nd grade this month. 

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