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Scholarship Prep Prioritizes Foster Youth

Scholarship Prep Prioritizes Foster Youth

Posted by Jason Watts on April 11, 2018 in General News

Scholarship Prep Prioritizes Foster Youth 

Scholarship Prep Charter School is dedicated to providing a high quality TK-8th grade education for foster youth. As a county-wide public charter school approved by the Orange County Department of Education, our school has dedicated itself to making a dramatic and sustainable impact on foster youth and underserved populations in Orange County. We have a specific preference for enrollment for any students currently in the foster care system, allowing them to bypass the waitlist if space is available. Scholarship Prep has partnered with foster family agencies throughout Orange County, Samueli Academy (Charter High School), and The Orangewood Children’s Foundation to provide support and resources for current and future Scholars who are either in the foster care system, or have been in the system previously. Scholarship Prep is committed to prioritizing the needs of foster youth by serving as a critical hub linking our foster youth to community resources and services.  

On May 14th Scholarship Prep will host it’s 2nd Annual Foster Youth Summit, bringing together foster youth, Resource Families, educators, advocates, courts, and policy makers to update Orange County on the latest facts and educational challenges facing foster youth. To RSVP for the Summit please email [email protected].