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An Egg-citing Learning Experience for Scholarship Prep Orange County Fifth Graders

An Egg-citing Learning Experience for Scholarship Prep Orange County Fifth Graders

Posted by Scholarship Prep on May 22, 2024 in General News

At Scholarship Prep Orange County, we're dedicated to providing hands-on learning experiences that spark curiosity and foster a love for science. Our recent chick hatching project in Mrs. Frey’s 5th-grade class is a perfect example of how we bring learning to life.

Over 21 exciting days, our Scholars took care of 12 eggs and turned them twice daily, just like a mother hen would. Their attentive care led to the successful hatching of 9 adorable chicks. This is a remarkable achievement, as even hatching three chicks is considered a success!

Students were immersed in critical thinking and scientific observation throughout this hands-on project. They filled out notice/wonder forms, tracked egg weight and texture changes, and made detailed scientific sketches. By documenting each stage of development, from the liquid-to-solid egg transition to the growth of baby feathers, our Scholars learned about the life cycle and animal care.

The project also taught important life skills. Daily discussions about animal needs and the natural life cycle helped students explore themes of responsibility and caregiving. As the chicks grew, students became experts, teaching peers and visitors how to handle the chicks and the importance of keeping a clean environment.

Our adorable chicks, with names like Chick-fil-A, Churro, and Chicky Minaj, have become beloved members of our school community. This project not only enriched our science curriculum but also built responsibility among our students.

At Scholarship Prep Orange County, we believe in making learning engaging, meaningful, and fun. If you’re looking for a school that offers unique, hands-on learning opportunities, come join our community! Together, we’ll nurture your child’s curiosity and help them soar to new heights.

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